CamConscious strongly believes that community-based tourism can be used as an effective tool for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UN 2030 Agenda. A tool that provides alternative livelihoods and employment opportunities through locally run community businesses that increase income and reduce poverty for poor rural communities – especially for women and young people.  Evidence shows that increased family income leads to improved education for children and better health care for the whole family.

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Cam Conscious Tourism facilitates initiatives that lead to the development of sustainable community-based tourism projects in Cambodia:

  • tourism that is “good” for the local wildlife and eco-systems – protects natural habitat and wildlife,
  • “good” for people – supports local communities and provides income for local families activities
  • and is “good” for the planet – minimises the use of natural resources –  uses less water, electricity, fuel and promotes recycling.



Through community based tourism initiatives we want to promote local craftsmanship and employment opportunities.


We promote eco-tourism that protects local wildlife and does no harm to animals through direct and indirect actions.


We work with local organisations and businesses to support local eco-systems and minimise the use of natural resources.


We work to promote community based tourism initiatives that have local ownership – are run by local people and build capacity of local communities.


We want to minimise the impact of tourism through reduction, reuse and recycling of waste.


PHASE 2 Call for partners: CamConsious Tourism is continuesly seeking new partners – individuals, businesses, community groups, local organisations and INGOs that currently run or would like to set up a new community based tourism programmes, homestay schemes and eco-tourism projects.

We offer:

  • free promotion and marketing of your eco-tourism project/ home stay tourist scheme/attraction
  • free professional mentoring/ training/ and support
  • free impact evaluation and ongoing support to reach higher impact scoring
  • individually tailored support package
  • networking opportunities

If you are considering a future project in eco-tourism or community based tourism please get in touch with us.

We would love to hear from you – please fill the initial application form bellow and we will be in touch to discuss posible partnership opportunities with you.

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