CamConscious strongly believes that sustainable community based tourism (CBT) can be used as an effective tool for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Cambodia; and globally. A tool that is able to provide alternative livelihoods through sustainable community businesses and employment opportunities to increase income and reduce poverty for poor rural communities – especially for women and young people. 

Evidence shows that increased family income leads to improved education for children and better health care for the whole family. Community based tourism delivers holistic results by protecting the environment, reducing poverty, improving education and healthcare that is self-supporting due to the use of the financially sustainable models used.


Conscious Tourism was born out of our love for independent travel and our own frustration with how ineffective we (the civil society) are in addressing inequality, poverty, lack of child education and climate change through the current approaches to international development aid work.

All of us, have always been the Lonely Planet travellers, carrying a battered book around the world… and even today we seek real experiences that enable us to meet local people, get to know the local culture and make a difference whenever possible. With age and experience, we have become more conscious in our choices, wanting to support locally run community-based tourism and environmental projects. Living in Cambodia helped us to form our vision, and re-enforced our belief in people’s desire to make the same sustainable choices… while delivering sustainable development for local people and the environment.

Conscious Tourism started in September 2016. Conscious Tourism is registered as a UK non-profit organisation, and CamConscious Tourism is their first country operation in South East Asia.

“Be the change, be a conscious travel”


Jitka Markova

Jitka Markova

CEO & Cambodia Country Director

Jitka Markova has over 20 years senior manager/director level experience in the non-profit sector in grassroots service delivery, as a service provider of innovative initiatives for marginalised and under-represented communities facing multi-faceted social-economic discrimination. Also, as a policy lobbyist, seeking fundamental changes to address underling causes to inequality and poverty.

Eva Treer

Eva Treer

Tourism Expert & Capacity building manager

Eva  has an MA in Tourism from Denmark over 15 years’ experience in tourism industry. She worked within diverse tourism areas both in developed and developing countries, ranging from MICE to cruise and hotel industry, tourism product development, capacity development and project management.  While working in Rwanda, she worked on a several sustainable tourism consultancy projects

Anais Schall

Anais Schall

Campaign manager

Anais started at CamConscious Tourism as an inter on 4 months placement. She seen became an integral part of the team and in September 2017 she became our Campaign manager overseeing some of our current social media and information campaigns.