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Our Story

Conscious Tourism International was born out of our love for independent travel and our own frustration with how ineffective we are as a society in addressing inequality, poverty, lack of child education and climate change through the current approaches to international development.

Conscious Tourism International started in September 2016. Conscious Tourism is registered as a UK non-profit organisation, and Conscious Tourism Cambodia is our first country operation in South East Asia.

What We Do


Through community-based tourism initiatives, we promote local craftsmanship and employment opportunities for disadvantaged communities in Cambodia.


We promote eco-tourism that protects local wildlife and does no harm to animals through direct and indirect actions.


We work to promote community-based tourism initiatives that have local ownership – are run by local people and build the capacity of local communities.


We work with local organisations and businesses to support local eco-systems and minimise the use of natural resources.

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

Support our community work through our ” Changing the Face of Tourism” Campaign currently running to raise funds for our work in rural Cambodia.


Our Mission & Approach

Our Objectives are:

  • Promote sustainable eco-tourism and community based tourism in Cambodia
  • Act as an information platform for local and international tourists and provide visitors with comprehensive information about ecotourism and community based tourism in Cambodia, and by doing so, help visitors to make informed choices about their planned visit in order to minimise the negative impact of tourism.
  • Build the capacity of individuals, local communities, CBO and NGOs to in order to build financially viable and sustainable models of eco-tourism and community based tourism in Cambodia.

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