How to find the Camconscious office

The office is opposite the Vietnamese monument, close to the Royal Palace on Sothearos Boulevard. 

There’s an alley way just to the right of the Mer Khmek restaurant.  Walk down to the bottom of the alley. 

If you’re coming via motorbike, you’ll need to park it at the bottom of the alley as it opens out. 

As the alley opens out. You’ll need to turn right 90 degrees. ( Just in front of this lady ) 

Park your moto here.

Head toward the door at the end, as you reach it the alley bends to the right and then straight on. 

This is too narrow for most motorbikes. We don’t recommend you bring your moto down here. Bicycles are OK.

Head through the alley, it gets dark, but its quite safe. Watch your head if you’re tall. Just keep going straight on. Our office is right in front of you. 

You’re here. The office is the yellow painted building with the brown sliding door in front of you. 

There’s normally someone here. If for any reason its locked, you’re early, or you just need to kill time waiting. We recommend Brewhouse as somewhere to get coffee or food.