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  • Promote sustainable eco-tourism and community based tourism in Cambodia
  • Build the capacity of individuals, local communities, CBO and NGOs to in order to build financially viable and sustainable models of eco-tourism and community based tourism in Cambodia.
  • Act as an information platform for local and international tourists and provide visitors with comprehensive information about ecotourism and community based tourism in Cambodia, and by doing so, help visitors to make informed choices about their planned visit in order to minimise the negative impact of tourism.



How do we work:

  • Joint working with the Cambodian government, INGOs, CBOs and other groups to promote good practice in the sector through advocacy, lobbying and information sharing.
  • Providing capacity building, skills training and consultancy (free services for small organisations and community groups, and paid-for services for funded CBOs, NGOs and INGOs)
  • Development and introduction of an impact evaluation system for sustainable tourism sites – using international standards.
  • CamConsious in partnership with external consultants developed an Impact assessment & benchmarking system to enable visitors to make informed choices about their stay based on the social and environmental impact of the site they plan to visit.
  • Using technology4development (T4D) – co-development of an online system, providing information on the impact and quality of services by local initiatives. Connecting visitors with eco-tourism and community based tourist sites to increase the number of independent travelers’ visits to partnership projects (in partnership with a specialist technology and marketing agency based in Cambodia)
  • Joint working with private sector/tour operators to attract more international visitors to the partners’ eco-tourism sites.

Our Projects and Initiatives 

Conscious Tourism Cambodia works with local and international partners to deliver innovative programmes to disadvatages communities accross Cambodia, to support sustainable development in the tourism sector and envirometnal protection.

Assessment of financial viability of CBT sites and development of suitable tourism products

to Financial Sustainability program supports communities to kick start or further develop local tourism initiatives that are environmentally and financially sustainable. FIND OUT MORE

Impact Explorer Cambodia is a marketplace that connects independent travellers with CBT project and ecotourism initiatives. FIND OUT MORE

Providing sustainable volunteering and internship opportunies in community based tourism. 

Capacity building and education for sustainable development accross the sector; including for local communities, provincial departments and young people. 

Technical assistance and research to increase the capacity of the sector  and provide evidence based solutions in order to tackle current challenges in sustainable tourism development.

CBT Accelerate Programme

CamConscious Tourism’s Accelerate to Financial Sustainability program supports communities to kick start or further develop local tourism initiatives that are environmentally and financially sustainable. Accelerate is a targeted capacity building programme focusing on what makes tourism services work – a great customer service and a well-designed tourism product that is tailored to the right segment of the tourism market. We avoid training for the sake of training but create avenues to ensure communities establish customer bases and secure long term livelihoods.

Despite efforts by range of organisation to use tourism for conservation and poverty alleviation in Cambodia’s rural communities, many existing project struggles to maintain a high standard of service delivery and long term sustainability for communities who need it most.

The Change
Accelerate addresses this challenge: striving for success through strategic business modelling and innovative and flexible project implementation and methodology. Accelerate targets marginalised communities and women in rural Cambodia whom have limited access to economic opportunities. The aim: to generate sustainable livelihoods and protect against the degradation of Cambodia’s natural landscapes through expanding tourism into rural areas in a sustainable way. We work collaboratively with communities and external stakeholders to create tourism that is good for people and good for the planet.

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Over the last 12 months, we have been working directly with the 5 Tampuan villages at Yeak Laom in Ratanakiri.

Community Impact So Far

  • Overnight homestay package and cultural tour launched and bookable online bringing in regular income
  • 8 households generating added income from hosting tourists in homestays after graduating from practical homestay training
  • 13 indigenous women generating addition income through a women’s weaving co-operative that safeguards traditional practices and creates access to markets outside of Ratanakiri
  • 20+ households generating income through hosting Tampaun cultural tourism experiences
  • 1 local employee
  • 40+ community rubbish clean ups
  • 5 private tour company partnerships
  • 3 yoga workshops that boost the local economy

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